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Teri Jacobs Says Self Exams, Buddy Check are Key

5:35 PM, Apr 12, 2010   |    comments
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  • Teri Jacobs, Buddy Check 12
  • Teri Jacobs, Buddy Check 12

SWITZERLAND, Fla. -- Teri Jacobs said she always had a yearly mammogram, but was told nothing was wrong.

Several months later she was doing her self-exam for Buddy Check 12 and found a thickening in her breast shaped like a small carrot. Tests showed within days she had breast cancer, she said.

"It's absolutely essential," Jacobs, 46, said, to do Buddy Check 12

Jacobs and her husband are tackling her chemotherapy together as a team. He's mastered making stuffed pork for dinner, while Jacobs is mastering a positive attitude. She calls her husband "a champ."

Jacobs' sister also is fighting breast cancer, but for the second time. She said both tested negative in the BRCA1 genetic test for breast cancer, even though they both have it.

But why?

Jacobs' surgeon, Dr. Jefferson Edwards at Baptist South, explains that Jacobs' case is a good lesson for all of us. 

Just because you don't test for the breast cancer genes does NOT means you're "out of the woods" for breast cancer, said Edwards.

Most breast cancers, it appears, don't carry a genetic link. Doctors say the number one risk for breast cancer is just being female.

If you want a free Buddy Check 12 kit just call our partner, Baptist Health, at 904-202-CARE.

If you can't afford a mammogram, call our M-Line at 1-877-069-6266 or 1-877-9-MY-MAMO. Jeannie Blaylock coordinates with Komen for the Cure on the M-Line.

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