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Governor Rick Scott's Ratings Drops from Last Survey

11:48 PM, Dec 8, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Governor Rick Scott is the least popular governor in the United States.

In the new numbers from Public Policy Polling, Governor Rick Scott hit a new low, with a 26 percent approval rating.  That's down seven percent from his personal lowest ranking in June.

In the Quinnipiac poll, Scott slipped to 33 percent, down from 36 percent last month.

Dr. Stephen Baker, a Jacksonville University Political Science professor, said the polls don't necessarily translate to results on Election Day. 

"People are a lot more likely to speak off the top of their head when they're talking to a pollster. When they're voting, people tend to be a little bit more serious about what they want to do," Baker explained.

There are a couple of reasons why Scott is at the bottom when it comes to public perception, according to Baker.  He said it's partly because Scott is doing what he promised to do. 

"That is cut the budget, cut the government expenses. In so doing, however, many programs that people rely on are being cut as well," Baker said.

People have publicly criticized Governor Scott about his programs aimed at saving taxpayer money.

The numbers are low, but there is still that small group that stands behind Scott. 

"Who wants that job?" supporter Ryan Saunders asked. "It's thankless. You try to please the masses. There's always going to be the naysayers."

We called the governor's office to see how he feels about coming in last. 

"Governor Scott is not focused on the polls," his press secretary Lane Wright said.   "What he is focused on is getting Floridians back to work, and working on programs, like education, that would get people back to work."

"I don't think too many politicians would actually really not pay attention to polls," Professor Baker said, "because it's their job."

Baker said the Public Policy Poll has a slight democratic bias, but the numbers are consistent with other polls, so most people accept the results as valid.

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