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Jarred Harrell Says "It was like a Flash"

6:52 AM, Mar 2, 2012   |    comments
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GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- Jarred Harrell walked into the Clay County Sheriff's Office interrogation room and told detectives. "I've been in this office before."

A relaxed Jarred Harrell sat right down and started talking to detectives.

Investigators already had information to work with.  One detective commented that Harrell told them a lot in the 10 hour drive from Mississippi, where he was arrested, to Clay County.

"I noticed Somer in the doorway between the kitchen and the garage. When I saw her there I was startled," Harrell told detectives.

Harrell said a number of doors were open to his home and Somer just walked inside.

"I said what are you doing in here. She started getting anxious. She started screaming. At that point, I walked over and tried to quiet her," Harrell said.

Harrell then told police he put his left hand behind Somer's head and his right hand over her mouth.

"She kind of went limp and urinated on herself.  I kind of noticed...she wasn't moving.  At that point, I realized she was probably dead. I started to...pacing back and forth only thing think to do is hide the body and get rid of it," he said. 

Harrell admits he put Somer in a plastic bin he had at the house.  He said he drove Somer to a dumpster behind his old work in Fleming Island and left the bin.

He then said he drove back to the house, got her stuff that was scattered around and he put it in a trash bag and put it in his garbage can.  He said he put Somer's backpack, books and shoes in the garbage bag.

Harrell said he then mopped up the floor where Somer used the restroom and an hour later his mom arrived.

"We loaded up car....went to Chevron....went to McDonalds, loaded up and she left."  Harrell said he just hung out the rest of that night.

He told detectives police searched his yard but didn't talk to him until four or five days later.

After that he asked for a cigarette break.  Minutes later, Harrell was talking again.

"At that point, I already closed myself off."  The detectives asked him if his mother questioned his behavior.  Harrell said no, "I think I was acting pretty normal."

In the hours right after Somer's death, Jarred Harrell told detectives he just seemed normal. 

When detectives pushed for more answers, Harrell began to give them, even saying the time he was with Somer, "15 minutes, 20 minutes, really short.  It was like a flash, you know what I mean."

Harrell at first told police he never removed Somer's clothes. But then hours later, he admitted he had and that there was a struggle in the kitchen.

"I honestly didn't remember this until now," Harrell told police.

Harrell then said he took Somer from the Kitchen to the bedroom where he touched her.  "She was laying there, and I know I couldn't hurt her.  And I guess the temptation was too strong."

At one point in the four-hour long interrogation, Harrell admits he wanted help.  "I want to get help.  I don't want my family to find out about it, find out about the stuff that I did."









Harrell has been sentenced to six life sentences.




















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