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Thousands attend Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show at Jacksonville Fairgrounds on Gun Appreciation Day

10:29 PM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Gun Supporters Rally

Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds
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  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Thousands exercise their second amendment rights on Gun Appreciation Day and the proof is tactical weapons flying off the shelves. The Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds had a huge turn-out of people buying, selling, and trading weapons.

     "I have seen a lot of trading going on, on the floor with one citizen selling to another and I think that is something that needs to be addressed those are gun sales that are not recorded and background checks aren't made for those type of sales," said Roger Huggins, Weapon Enhancement Solutions vendor.

    Selling and trading between individuals is completely legal, and it's one of the issues being addressed in Capital Hill. The President's proposals to create universal background checks and ban assault weapons are causing more people to join the rush for guns.

    "I'll tell you what, our President is probably one of the best gun salesman I've ever seen in my entire life. Nobody seemed like they wanted to buy them like they do now and the more he talks about them, the more they come flying off the shelf," said Tyler Brooks, gun owner.

    Tactical weapons are in high demand. The Arms Rooms LLC. vendor sold 30 AR-15 rifles in one hour at the Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show Saturday morning. And several other individuals were selling theirs outside.

    "I'm out here trying to sell my A-R, don't really need to sell it, just trying to come up with a little extra money," said James Turner, gun owner.

    Vendors say any gun on the list of a possible ban is making great sales. Preston Napier of Clay County says he is a hunter and collector and says on Gun Appreciation Day, he's exercising his right to sell his M1 .30 caliber - one of the weapons labeled as an assault rifle because it has a 30-round clip.

    "Buying, selling, trading, being here, this is the United States of America and this is the way it should be," added Napier.

    The gun show at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds resumes Sunday at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Go on our First Coast News Facebook page and tell us what you think about the proposals coming out of Washington.  

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