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Unfair Boy Scout questionnaire on homosexuality?

11:31 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A survey sent to 1.1 million former Boy Scouts and their parents is raising some eyebrows in the organization, with some critics alleging the questions are leading.

"It's biased. They're not going to change their mind. And it's a shame," said former Eagle Scout Chris.

When he read the Boy Scouts of America survey on homosexuality, he was appalled by the questions.

Since he is still active in the organization, Chris didn't want to show his face, but he said the survey showed a clear bias.

"It's giving the connotation that something inappropriate is going to happen," he said.

One of the pages of the online survey gave former Boy Scouts and their parents specific scenarios and asked them to rank if they agreed, or disagreed.

For example: "Should a gay Boy Scout be allowed to share a tent with a straight Boy Scout"

Or "Is it appropriate for a gay den leader to take Boy Scouts on an overnight camping trip?"

"It's insinuating that if you let a gay troop leader in to the troop, he's going to do something to a younger child. And that's just ridiculous," he said.

The Boy Scouts of America told First Coast News they will use the results of their survey to decide whether or not they will allow openly gay members and leaders to join the scouts at their annual meeting in May.

But Chris thinks just asking the questions they way they did shows the organization is not really interested in change, and he thinks it's sending the wrong message to young scouts.

"You're not aware of what's going on in the big picture, and then you get older and see that young boys, at that stage in life are being turned away. They don't need to be told at that stage in life they're not welcomed somewhere," he said.

If you're a former member, you may still get the survey. The Boy Scouts says they will send it to an additional 325,000 members before their meeting.

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