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Victim of alleged online predator

6:08 PM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Penny Baran has heard about stolen identity cases, but never thought it would hit home.

"At first I was mad about it," said Baran 

Baran is still mad about it because it involves her son's identity; her son did not have his Facebook pictures privacy protected.

"Someone stole my son's pictures," she said.

Baran said the person behind it, claims to be Jay Deen and she said he behaves like an online predator.

"The more I dig into it, the more I find," said Baran," this is not some kid that's shy and just want to meet girls."

On Monday, Baran discovered Jay Deen's Facebook page with her son's pictures and pictures of high school girls.

Baran said her son's pictures were stolen from his Facebook page in February.

She became Facebook friends with a few of the girls on the page so that she could warn them.

"I said I don't know who this guy is he could be dangerous and she said he's pretty perverted," said Baran.

Baran said the red flags went up and then she felt sick by the thought of her son's image being used by a potential predator.

"It made me sick in my stomach knowing that someone is using my son's pictures to meet young high school girls," said Baran. 

She reported it to Facebook, and her son has since changed the security settings on his Facebook page.

"He not only stole one picture he stole many pictures," she said," so he assumed his life in pictures."

Jay Deen, the alleged predator, no longer has a Facebook page, but Baran wants parents to pay more attention to the security settings of their children Facebook pages.

"Parents need to make sure that their children pictures are privacy protected," she said.

First for you:

  • Never put your personal information in your profile, like phone number and home address
  • Be careful placing pictures of your children on your page
  • Do not accept all friend request
  • Go in your Facebook account and review your privacy settings to reduce who can have access to what is on your Facebook page
  • If you suspect something inappropriate report it to Facebook immediately

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