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First For You: Where you should take cover during a tornado

6:16 PM, May 21, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In light of the tornadoes in the Midwest FCN wanted to help you figure out where the safest place may for you during a storm.

In a house, go to the most interior room with no windows. A closet works, but a bathroom is better.

"That is a good reason to be in the bathtub, you have something around you on all sides except the top. That will protect you from any type of flying debris," said Randy Wyse with the Jacksonville Firefighters Association.

For those who live in an apartment or high rise, move to an interior stairwell or a basement if your building has one. Though a tornado likely won't bring down a high-rise, it can blow out the windows, so getting into a stairwell will protect yourself from flying debris.

If you are on the road, fight the urge to stay in your car. Get out and find a gully or drainage ditch to lay in.

"I would get out of that car because those wind speeds can be anywhere in excess of 200 miles per hour and many times it has picked up cars and taken them," said Wyse.

Lastly if you live in a mobile home, Randy Wyse says to get out as soon as you know a tornado is coming.

"Trailer homes tend to be a magnet for tornadoes because they are very susceptible to the damage. Even some low mile-per-hour winds could effect damage on a trailer," said Wyse.

Instead seek shelter in a solid building or find a low lying area.

Most importantly, being alert to changing weather is key.

"First Coast News does a great job of trying to get everyone alerted early, but if storms are coming and you hear things you want to stay listening to radio, TV, Twitter, the internet- whatever it might be. Make sure you have your plans set, so if there is a tornado you know where you want to go and stay there until it has passed," said Wyse.

If there is severe weather in the area First Coast News will alert you on air, online and through social media.

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