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Residents concerned about Black Creek flooding

8:21 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mary Noble keeps her eyes on Black Creek, hoping it doesn't rise too much and flood her house that sits about 40 feet from the water.

"I am really worried now, I really am. I am just waiting to see if it goes over the docks, then I will really be scared."

The water is beginning to build in the front yard of the home across the street from Noble.

A month ago during a long stretch of heavy rains, her docks were completely covered with water. During Tropical Storm Debbie last June water came into her home. She is hoping there is not a repeat performance.

"It is just out of this world here. It really is. If this flood comes, I am just hoping and praying it doesn't. It is really sad."

Colin Barton lives along John Bow creek across the street from Noble. Barton remembers just one month ago that his entire backyard along John Bow Creek was under water. His bedroom had 6 inches of water, and now this just 32 days later.

"I haven't even been able to replace the items I lost before, and here we are doing this again."

Tropical Storm Debby late last June is still on Tangie Hingson's mind as Tropical Storm Andrea sets it's sights on the black creek area where her home was flooded this time last year.

"We are watching it and worried about it, if it stalls it will be just like last year. There was a lot of water in the houses, a bunch of them. There was six inches on our porch, 3 inches inside," Hignson said.

Hingson said her place received $5,000 in damages. She remembers the water rose above this light on the dock next door. It was inconvenient.

"You could not get to your house by car, you had to go by boat."

She and her husband will put furniture up on blocks and hope for the best, she wants no part of what happened to her last year.

"Hopefully it won't happen, we will keep our fingers crossed and pray."

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