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After TS Andrea, man's concern over backyard creek remains

6:11 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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  • Photo Credit: Paul Litchkowski
  • Photo Credit: Paul Litchkowski
  • Photo Credit: Paul Litchkowski
  • Photo Credit: Paul Litchkowski
  • Photo Credit: Paul Litchkowski

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man called First Coast News for help and said Tropical Storm Andrea just proved his point.

Paul Litchkowski, of Jacksonville, said sometimes the creek behind his house gets so high, it comes up over the wall to the garage and right to his fence.

Litchkowski said he is living with terminal lung cancer he got from second hand smoke.

"You can live a long time," Litchkowski said. "If you take care of yourself."

He does that by fixing things for other people. He said he can't have any stress in his life and he has to keep his mind off the illness.

"If you don't, it will do you in," he said.

But if you ask him about the creek directly behind his house, he'll say

"The past 2 years, with the city is driving me crazy."

He said the creek has a drainage issue.

Case in point, Tropical Storm Andrea. If you rewind from Friday, photos provided by Litchkowski show what he says happened to the creek on Thursday as the storm roared over the First Coast.

"It got a little hairy," Litchkowski explained. "We got a little worried. I thought we were going to lose the garage."

He said the city came out once years ago to clean it with a machine. As late as 2 weeks ago, he said an inmate crew cleared brush from its sides. He told FCN he has called the city several times.

"All I get is 'We don't have the money.' 'It's in process.' Da da da da da," Litchkowski elaborated.

Litchkowski said he got poison ivy last week after he tried to do it himself.

"...and it didn't help," he quipped. "All I want done is dig it out, but take the debris with you."

City spokeswoman, Debbie Delgado, told FCN the Department of Public Works is aware of the issue. The  ditch is in line to be addressed like Litchkowski asked. Delgado said an inmate crew will go out again in the next few months.

First For You...if you have a complaint like this, call the City of Jacksonville at (904) 630-CITY. There is an online form to file a complaint or request a service.

Also First For You, you might need a permit, but consider:

1. Installing a drainage system to divert storm water around and away from your home.

2. Installing catch basins or yard inlets as options.

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