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Neighbors raise concerns about Jacksonville sinkhole

5:22 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Is there a sinking problem in one Jacksonville neighborhood? Neighbors voiced concerns over a sinkhole that has formed right in front of their homes. One of them called the On Your Side team for answers.

Neighbors who live around the area tell First Coast News the hole is a problem.

"It's a very unsettling feeling," said neighbor Sarah Papke.

What appears to be a significant sinkhole is right in front of Bill Puttick's Mirabella town home.

"Starting in April, it was only about a three-foot hole," Puttick said as he described the sinkhole. "It's expanded now to about 18 feet or larger."

There are cones and a tape around the hole. Property management said it's caused by a collapsed drainage pipe.

"It bugs me," Papke said as she spoke about the sinkhole. "It bothers me a lot."

In addition to not being able to use parking areas near home, Puttick said he's concerned about safety. Though Papke said property managers told her and others not to worry.

"Somebody who doesn't know the area or know what's going on is going to fall in that hole," Puttick said.

A City of Jacksonville spokesperson told FCN someone did report the sinkhole. But it is the private property's responsibility.

"I want it fixed," Puttick said, "I want it fixed immediately."

FCN spoke directly to the Mirabella Condominium Association's Assistant Community Association Manager. That assistant manager told FCN they have been working with a company to fix the sinkhole.

But, because of all of our region's recent rain and other factors, the work didn't get started.

The assistant manager told FCN they have demanded a date from that company of when the sinkhole will be fixed.

"I'm just tired of seeing it," Puttick said.

FCN spoke with The General Manager of Rozafa Building Enterprises. They are the company that is working to fix the sinkhole.

The General Manager told FCN they are working out an agreement with the community's property management company on who is responsible for the collapsed pipe. Rozafa's General Manager said the collapsed pipe was on a joint where they did not do previous work.

The GM said Rozafa replaced the drainage box further down the line on the same pipe late last year.

The General Manager said they hope to start the work in August. They expect the work to be finished a month after that.

First For You:

-Not all insurance policies cover sinkholes. Make sure you check your policy.

-The Florida Department of Financial Services has more information on what you should do if you suspect a sinkhole may be forming on your property.

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