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A community coming together in time of difficulty

7:26 PM, Aug 13, 2013   |    comments
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Photo from Shane Napier's Facebook page.
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  • STARKE, Fla. -- A difficult pregnancy leaves a newborn and a husband with a heavy heart.

    After struggling with infertility for more than two years, Shane Napier and his wife, Dana, found out they were expecting their first child on January 1.

    According to Shane, on July 30, about 33 weeks into her pregnancy, Dana was hospitalized at UF Health with high blood pressure, early stages of preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes. Dana would remain in the hospital until the birth of their baby boy, Zandar.

    On about her fourth day in the hospital, Dana signed up to receive donations on to help with medical and travel expenses.  The website allows people to donate to the family's expenses.

    Dana didn't make it through the delivery. She died of complications during the birth, according to family friend Heather Bowen.

    Bowen explained that Dana suffered from Amniotic Fluid Embolism, which is when fetal cells and other debris enter the mother's blood stream and provoke an allergic reaction. The reaction causes the heart and lungs to collapse.

    Now Shane is trying to juggle paying for his wife's hospital costs and the typical costs associated with having a newborn, in addition to paying for his wife's funeral.

    But Napier's small-town Central Florida community is stepping up to help him.

    Family and friends started sharing the donation site's link and now more than $16,000 have been donated through the website so far. In addition, Enfamil is donating a case of formula every week until Zander no longer needs it, says Shane.

    "All Dana wanted in this life was this baby," Bowen said. "She was so happy through this horrible stuff. She is a really awesome lady."

    "The baby is doing really well," Shane said.

    Zander may stay in the hospital through the weekend and possibly go home Monday, says Shane.

    Shane expresses his thanks through a post on

    "I am so humbled by the support and love that so many has given, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shane."

    Donations can be made at until about September 1, when Shane will receive the money.

    On Monday, August 13, Salon Soleil in Starke will host a diaper drive beginning at 10 a.m., and they'll be collecting other baby supplies there as well. 

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