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Car damaged in repair shop, owner not told

8:07 PM, Aug 13, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Brian Ditore is a car collector. He hates to see his Super Bee Dodge Charger with body damage.

"The colors don't match and there are sheet rock screws holding front bumper on," said Ditore. "This bumper is falling off the vehicle."

His 2012 vehicle is in excellent condition, except for his recent problems. Ditore said a few days ago he took his vehicle to the Jacksonville Jeep Chrysler-Arlington dealership for service.

"I took it there for an oil change and there was a squeaky noise in the steering," he said.

Ditore said when he called to see if it was ready, he was not ready for what he was told.

"They said somebody should have called you, there was an incident with your car," said Ditore. "It got a scratch."

Ditore said after he discovered his treasured vehicle was damaged, he was told by an employee the dealership had the damage repaired by another body shop. 

He is upset that the dealership failed to notify him before hand.

"The right thing was hey there's an issue with your car, come look at it, can we repair it?" he said. 

Ditore said when he saw the quality of workmanship he was dejected. He said he showed the repairs to the dealership and a manager described it as appalling. 

"This is not a used car that's on their lot," said Ditore "They can't put a band aid on it."

The dealership has since offered to make good at its own expense. It is going to cost $1900 to correct.

"They didn't tell me it was in an accident or incident and this kind of damage was done," he added.

Ken Kovacs owns the dealership. He said the service advisor who made the decision to repair Ditore's vehicle has quit without telling him. He knows it was a bad decision.

A manager reached out to Ditore, but Kovacs said Ditore demanded the repairs plus $5,000. 

"We're still willing to fix the car," said Kovacs. "He can use our shop or a shop of his choice, I'd love to fix the guy's car."


- A repair shop must treat your vehicle with reasonable care

- The shop should receive authorization before doing any repair work 

- The shop is liable for damage while the vehicle is in its custody

- If shop offers to make repairs, give them an opportunity

- File complaint with state at

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