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Senior citizens at Mt. Carmel Gardens in Jacksonville get air conditioning back

11:36 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Senior citizens living in a HUD-assisted housing complex have spent some of the hottest days of this summer with little or no air conditioning, so they turned to First Coast News for help. After FCN pushed the management company for answers, the air is back on.

Kenny Dockswell has been keeping tabs on the temperature in his Mt. Carmel Gardens apartment for the last several weeks and Wednesday, it hit an all-time high of more than 80 degrees.

"I have no place else to go and I don't want to be put on my family," said Dockswell.

So he, along with the 17-floors of Mt. Carmel Gardens tenants, have been waiting for the Southeastern Property Management company to fix the damaged air conditioning unit.

"Don't forget about the seniors and the disabled. We're the lowest on the ring, we need help you can't turn you back on us. This has turned into a disaster," said Dockswell.

Tired of watching the clock, Dockswell bought two more fans for himself and his neighbors that couldn't afford them.

The tenants' association even gave him an award for his generosity.

But just as things were heating up and after our phone call with SPM, the air conditioning is back on.

The management company tells FCN in a written statement that they replaced a broken 200-ton chiller, welded the line and completed the electrical and are " ... celebrating that the new chiller is in place and is now running as promised."

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