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9-11 stained glass window from St. Augustine still hangs in NY church

4:32 PM, Sep 11, 2013   |    comments
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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The team at the Sisters of St. Joseph Stained Glass Studio in St. Augustine makes beautiful windows, but there is one window Executive Director Sister Diane Couture thinks about every September 11.

"Today is a very special for us," Sister Couture said Wednesday, "because it was such a privilege and honor to do that piece."

Weeks after the attacks on 9-11, a priest from St. Francis Church in Manhattan called Couture in St. Augustine, requesting a window for the church. Couture said the church had lost dozens of parishioners in the towers.

She recalled the conversation, "He said, "would you do it?' I'm going, 'Well, of course I'll do it!'"

The window now hangs in the church in New York, but a small version is displayed in the St. Augustine studio. It shows firemen and an angel of mercy and an angel of compassion in the rubble of the towers. The Holy Spirit encircles the images.

Couture pointed to a bird-like wing around the edge of the window, "there's a wing that embraces the whole scene and same on the other side."

And then -- in the middle -- is light shining through the darkness.

"The whole meaning of this window is that through all of this darkness, all of this pain, that God raised goodness that day," Couture explained.

Eleven years after the window was installed in New York, many people still flock to gaze upon it, especially on September 11, Couture said.

"We get emails from people all the time who've gone and saw the window," Couture said, "and they email me to tell me what it meant to them ... and so it continues."

It continues ... touching lives.

"That's our mission. That's your hope as an artist ... is that people would be touched even though you're not there," Couture continued, "Then God comes in and does whatever with that whole piece. So it's very humbling because God does it without us."

And so the team at Sisters of St. Joseph Stained Glass Studio continue to work, guided by God, working to help shine light even in the darkest of moments.

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