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Deep cave-in concerns Westside Jacksonville neighbors

6:07 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There is a problem along part of Randia Drive in Jacksonville, but it's not with the neighborhood itself.

Neighbors are worried a big hole in the ground could hurt someone. So, they called the On Your Side team for answers after they say enough isn't being done to fix it.

"This is a dangerous place," said Mary Porter, as she looked at a large hole along the side of the road. "Snakes, rats, let alone someone getting hurt or maybe even killed."

Just a few feet away, the cave-in continued to crumble.

"If you get real close to the edge, it's real gushy," she said.

Day by day, neighbors concerns continue to grow. For 20 years, the area has been home for Porter and her husband.

"Someone's going to stumble on it, break a leg, or a car's going to fall through," she said.

Melanie Williams also lives in the neighborhood. She wakes up early every morning to walk her 13-year-old daughter to the bus stop to make sure she steers clear of the cave-in.

"A lot of kids have to leave at like 6 something in the morning to go to school. That's why I walk with her to the bus stop."

Neighbors said the cave in has been this way since at least April. Neighbors tell FCN they have called the city and some patches have been done and barricades put up, but it is not enough.

"It's just an ongoing problem," said neighbor Christopher Bunton. "Another good rain and I'm afraid this road's going to be in bad shape."

Bunton, who has lived in the neighborhood for 50 years, climbed inside the cave-in to show how deep it is.

Ms. Porter said "I want some definite information on when they're going to get it fixed and get it permanently fixed the correct way."

First For You, FCN called the city. Spokesperson Debbie Delgado said a broken pipe underneath is causing the problem. The pipe and curb will be replaced and the area will be filled with dirt and asphalt as a permanent solution by the first week of November if not sooner.

First For You, because FCN called, the barricades will be replaced Friday and the area made more secure with extra tape.

FCN asked the city about what seems to be taking so long. Delgado said the city has not been putting the project off. Delgado said the city is aware of the project and it will be fixed. FCN told Delgado about your frustrations and she said the city thanks the people around the area for their patience.

First For You, if you find yourself in a similar situation you can call 630-CITY.

If you don't think things are moving fast enough, consider reaching out to your district councilperson to see what they can do.

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