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Woman, 18, said she hydroplaned into pond at Florida State College at Jacksonville south campus

7:54 PM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An 18-year-old said the weather played a big part in something very scary for her on Wednesday.

She said she hydroplaned into a retention pond on the campus of Florida State College at Jacksonville's South campus.

Anastacia Edouard, 18, said she was trying to round a campus curve when her car started drifting.

"I tried to avoid going into the lake, so I tried to turn it around the other way and I ended up spinning around in the grass and then in the water," she said.

She said her car stopped at a depth of about 4 feet, then the water began rushing in.

"As I hit the water, all I was like thinking, was, like 'I've got to get my seat belt off and get out." She explained. "Like ... it was just like ... like ... it was just intense."

She said she jumped out of the passenger door with her friend's help. Edouard tells First Coast News she believes her car hydroplaned.

"No, I was not speeding," she said.

The FSCJ freshman said she is earning her Associate's Degree and hopes to become a physician's assistant. She said she is just glad to be OK.

"All glory to God," she said. "Honestly, if it wasn't for me turning my wheel, I probably would've ended all the way out there," she said, pointing to the center of the retention pond.

Edouard said she has learned something from the experience.

"Yeah, when I'm going around curves, I'm going to brake and make sure I'm slow!" she said emphatically.

Edoudard said there is some damage to the exterior of her car. She said there is also water damage inside and all of it could take anywhere from about $300 up to nearly $1,000 to fix.

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