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Why is there a JEA lock on this man's gate?

6:56 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Harry Mixson wants some answers from his former employee and utility customer.

"They keep cutting the chains and putting another lock on the gate," said Mixson.

Mixson, 83, retired from the JEA about 40 years ago but said he doesn't enjoy his recent tussle with the JEA.   

"There's no power going to this property at all," he said. "Hasn't been since January 2012, why is there a JEA lock on my gate?"

Since 1960 Mixson has owned his property on Perdue Road, but a few years ago he moved out. The house has been vacant since.

"I have been a good customer," he said. "I haven't missed a payment since 1960."

He said he's dumfounded by a JEA lock on his gate, it doesn't keep him out, but it allows the utility representatives inside.

"Why does JEA have a right to go on my property?" he asked.

Mixson claims he was never notified about the lock nor when the JEA disconnected the power lines from the pole to the vacant house. The lines are coiled up sitting in the yard.

"They never notified me about anything," he said.

Mixson said he is no longer looking for an explanation, he has a simple solution that would put a lock on his problem.

"I would just like to take their lock off of my gate," said Mixson. "This is my property."

The On Your Side team contacted the JEA to investigate Mixson's complaint.

Spokesperson Gerri Boyce said the JEA has no record of this customer calling about a lock the gate.

"JEA received a report that a meter on the property was not transmitting information," said Boyce. "JEA visited the property and removed the meter."

As for the lock still no explanation why it was there, since there is no utility easement, no service, but the JEA visited the property and removed the JEA lock.

Question? Can the JEA access your property anytime even if you're not there, the simple answer is if you're a customer -- yes. 

Here is what the JEA said:

"A condition of service is maintenance and delivery of electric and/or water service. When customers apply for service JEA is obligated to ensure the customer receives reliable electric and/or water service. JEA will from time to time to time will need to inspect and perform maintenance activities on the electric/water/sewer system. This includes reading meters and other maintenance activities." 

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