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Michael Dunn recounts what he says happened the night Jordan Davis was killed in a letter to First Coast News

11:51 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Letters sent by, to Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was the day after Thanksgiving. Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old Wolfson High School student, had just left the mall with his friends when they stopped at a Southside Gate gas station to grab a snack.

Jordan and his friends waited in a red SUV while the driver went inside.

Michael Dunn, 45, a Brevard County software developer, had been at his son's wedding in Orange Park and was on his way to a hotel when he and his girlfriend stopped to get a bottle of wine.

A chance encounter placed them next to each other in the parking lot.

According to court records, Dunn asked the teens to turn down their music. They did. But he said they then turned it back up.

That's when Dunn told police he saw a weapon.

"It was either a barrel or a stick, but sir they're like, 'We are going to kill you and then they said you are dead (expletive,'" Dunn told police in a recorded interview. 

During the interrogation, Dunn described how he reached into his glove box, pulled out his gun and fired four times, fatally shooting Davis.

"Quicker than a flash, I had a round chambered in it and I shot," said Dunn.

Now, for the first time, Dunn has reached out exclusively to First Coast News. In a letter addressed to Anchor Heather Crawford Dunn writes, "This case has never been about loud music. This case is about a local thug threatening to kill me because I dared to ask him to turn the music down."

He also attacks State Attorney Angela Corey.

"I have quite a bit to say with regards to the way the DA's office has been mis-representing the facts. It's terrible to see such an abuse of power by a public official," wrote Dunn.

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Police said Davis and his friends were not armed. Dunn was carrying a legal concealed weapon.

Dunn wrote, "I have been around firearms most of my life and have never had cause to draw a weapon on someone, let alone fire one at anyone. Deadly force is only to be used in circumstances of self-defense! After multiple threats of death by Jordan Davis and his brandishing of a weapon, I was convinced that my life was in danger. When Mr. Davis opened his door and said 'You're DEAD expletive! This expletive is going down NOW,' I was convinced that the loss of my life was imminent, I had no choice but to defend myself, I am NOT a murderer. I am a survivor."

The letter came in response to one we sent Dunn in jail requesting an interview. In his response, he offers to answer any question we have and to contact his attorney, Cory Strolla.

But Strolla told First Coast News "No jail interview at this time."

Dunn is charged with first-degree murder. He is due back in court October 24 for a pretrial hearing. 

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