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Food trucks may be coming to Jacksonville Beach

8:49 PM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They're tough to miss. The food truck trend is growing and basic economics can possibly explain it. They are in demand.

Johnny Hassan just cut into the business four months ago with his Cravings Mobile Kitchen. A new comer who saw an opportunity.

"We do BBQ a little Columbian twist too," Hassan says.

And he set up in the First Coast News parking lot today. Hassan says it was a great opportunity for him because finding the places to set up is getting tough.

"Finding locations is key," Hassan said. "Easier said than done."

But, take a look east to Jacksonville Beach, a lot of space and not one food truck.

"The option is right there you know. Just imagine if we were on 3rd street," Hassan said.

But at Jacksonville Beach there's a line drawn in the sand.

"I know, they're not allowed," Don Nichol owner of Jacksonville Beach's Taco Lu. "It's weird"

Nichol says he doesn't understand the Jacksonville Beach ordinance that doesn't allow Food Trucks to town.

"I don't know any brick and mortar people who are secretly excited that food trucks can't operate," Nichol said.

But soon, if Jacksonville Beach City Council can agree on it the food trucks may be allowed at the beach.

"I wish they were here," Nichol said. "I think it would be a lot of fun."

But, some opponents say they'll be bad for the actual restaurants.

"I don't want one in my parking lot, but that's not the way it's going to be," Nichol said.

It'll be a highly regulated business if a new ordinance passes. It would only allow trucks to set up in certain places at certain times.

Hassan said, "Change is hard to come by."

But his appetite for Jacksonville Beach expansion is growing.

"To set up in Jacksonville Beach I believe would help a lot of food trucks," Hassan says. "Give customers at Jacksonville Beach the option"

Hassan just wants his slice of a growing business trend, not an all out food fight.

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