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Morning State Know People

10:56 AM, Apr 30, 2008   |    comments
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by Paul POP! First Coast News Atlanta might very well be the center of the "Dirty South," but it's also rapidly becoming the down south rock n' roll capital as well. There are a whole host of bands who just play good old fashioned rock and roll and make no bones about being not flashy or over the top. The Black Lips might be the best known of these bands, but Morning State is following hot on their heels and with their album You Know People, I Know People, it's easy to see why. Morning State's album title, You Know People, I Know People, seems almost like a scene diatribe but it's far from it. Instead, what the album is about is jet fueled hard rock and straight rock and roll as opposed to anything that has to deal with black hair cuts, Myspace angles, or scenester politics. This is a band that uses a cowbell with pride, brings it along, clanks it along and finds its essential in songs. Sounding something like LA Guns meets a dusty and weary Cheap Trick in a bar fight with Jet, Morning State just get up, crank it up, and kick out the jams. There are whiskey fueled tunes and blues based jaunty songs in abundance on the album, and You Know People, I Know People, benefits from every anthem that's similar. This is an album that's simplistic, raw and dirty attitude is what drives every song into being killer. With hooks big enough to reel in whale sharks with ease it's hard not to find songs rattling around your head long after they've gone by the wayside. "Out For A Walk," is a perfect example of this as the song switches from quiet moments to a repetitive riff that sounds like the aural equivalent of t-bone steak; big and juicy. It's a raw ride through unpolished guitar heroics that clicks on so many levels and that's just one little example of what You Know People, I Know People, offers. With songs addictively good, Morning State are clearly on to something on You Know People, I Know People. Their rather pure approach is refreshing and it's great to hear a band that can just plug in and go without a whole lot of fuss and bother and kick some serious butt.

First Coast News/Paul POP!

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