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Reward For Gas Bandits

8:20 AM, May 8, 2008   |    comments
  • Alleged Gas Bandit
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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A local business owner is offering a cash reward for the arrest of whoever got their hands on his company gas card and went on a $2000 fill-up spree with his friends.

Robert Olson of Future Computer Systems got a call from Gate Gas Company last week about some 'unusual purchases' and discovered one of his fleet's gas cards was not only missing... but the bad guys had also gotten a hold of the card's PIN number.

Surveillance video from the Gate station off Stockton shows a series of cars and young men taking turns filling up at one pump under the same transaction.
"And that (Red) Durango is very very distinctive. You cannot miss those rims. They're 20-inch rims...22-actually," said Olson.

Olson told First Coast News the video clearly shows how his stolen gas card was being used.

And abused.

Olson points to a young man entering the video screen wearing long dreadlocks, who walks over to a pump and scans a card for the first of three fill-ups.

"He's going to come over fill up this car with gas --put the PIN in and you can see what happens from there!"
What happens is the guy with the pump waits for the full car to pull out and the next car to pull in so he can fill THAT tank... 

"And then we gonna have a third car come around... fill up," said Olson.

But these young men are so brazen, one of them goes inside to buy a gas can to rob 5-more gallons of fuel, then he goes outside and fills it up! 

"And the guy with the dreads is the guy we're trying to catch," said Olson.

On this one stop the thieves got $200 worth of fuel. 

"And they did $2000 in five days!"
Olson knows he'll have to eat the $2000 loss, but he's sweetening the pot with a cash reward to try to catch these guys. 

"We will offer a $500 reward for any arrest leading to the gentleman with the dreads or anybody that's able to help us find who actually stole this card and how they got the PIN."
Olson is convinced it's an inside job by one of his numerous employees. That's why he wants these guys caught. 

And when I catch the guy that has the PIN, then hopefully he'll lead me back to my employee!"

If arrested, the gas thieves could face charges of credit card fraud.

First Coast News

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