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A Block Of Yellow Do I Do

6:11 PM, Jan 6, 2009   |    comments
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by Paul POP!, First Coast News

Remember when Of Montreal used to be really, really good? When they were so in love with the Kinks that they almost became the Kinks? Well, A Block of Yellow sure do, and they've picked up the torch dropped by Of Montreal and decided to carry on where those crazy, cross dressing Athenians left off. They're latest album, Do I Do is so influenced by the Kinks and that whole era it wouldn't surprise me that the members of the band have changed their name to Davies and discovered a love for, "Waterloo Sunsets."

Do I Do is perfect pop in a 60's beat pop sense that's slightly fey, twee, jangly, and incredibly sugary sweet. Their indebtedness to the era is impossible to overlook and the fact that they sound like an updated, old Of Montreal is a breath of fresh air from the crazy band that, that band became. What may shock people even more is that this is a Canadian band that owes more to Elephant Six sort of pop than the art pop of most Canadian bands; Arcade Fire this is not and this is a very good thing.

A Block of Yellow have come up with a simple but effective formula to create super catchy pop; it includes loads and loads of jangly guitars that occasionally get a bit distorted, lots of "ooh ah" choruses, many many multi-part harmonies layered like a birthday cake and an overwhelming sense of fun. That formula works and works so well as Do I Do is a really fun record that will put a glimmer of sunshine in even the grimmest of days. It's saccharine filled pop that in another time and place would be clogging the airwaves on every AM radio station between here and Los Angeles.

Pop songs of the variety that A Block of Yellow have come up with are a rarity nowadays. It's so rare to hear a simple yet effective pop hook thrown out there without being pro-tooled and overanalyzed to death. Do I Do is pop in it's rawest and best form; sugary sweet and oh so simple with songs that stick to your brain like chewing gum on your sneakers. If you ever thought that the Kinks were the greatest band on earth or remember the days when Of Montreal was an indie pop band, then do yourself a favor and find yourself a copy of Do I Do.


First Coast News / Paul POP!

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