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Shahrokh Sound Of K. Reach The Dripping Point

7:05 PM, Jan 7, 2009   |    comments
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by Paul POP!

Shahrokh Sound Of K., who consists of Sharhrokh Dini and Andreas Kohler, are artists who want to put the music back into house music. Convinced that the music they love has been taken away from them and made so soulless that it's barely listenable they decided to do something about it. That's where Shahrokh Sound Of K. comes into play. Their album, Dripping Point, is an organic house record that sounds as if it were being performed in a small underground club that's dark, smoky, and seductively cool.

Dripping Point has a dark jazzy funky vibe which fits in perfectly with the Compost Records stable while still being melodic enough for your ears to latch on to. This is a deep, deep record that has stand up basslines that ooze, guitars that bring gentle strands of funk, rollin beats that sound like waves crashing on the shore and sensual vocals that sooth; all this gives the feel of an endless hot night that only Shahrokh Sound of K. can cool down. Dripping Point is luxurious, extravagant and sublime stuff that slinks it's way along ever so slowly into your brain.

Shahrokh Sound Of K. have come up with a series of songs that sound and feel so sexually tense that it's like listening to something you shouldn't be listening to. It's just incredibly lavish stuff that's steamy and hedonistic in all the best ways. When Siri Svegler coos, 'I think you know,' on, "Letting You Go," it's an oh so subtle thought as to what this record is really about. That idea is reinforced on the very next song ("Love Happens") when Toyin Taylor sounds like Barry White when he tells you to, 'Let Love Happen.'

Shahrokh Sound Of K. has done much more than put the music back into house, they but the steaminess back in it as well. Dripping Point is a sensual record that should be used by marriage counselors to help struggling couples spice things up. While there are the occasional steps into upbeat territory this is one record that is most definitely for the bedroom.

First Coast News / Paul POP!

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