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DAT Politics And Their Mad Kit

7:30 PM, Jan 9, 2009   |    comments
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by Paul POP!, First Coast News

DAT Politics are a French laptop/electronic pop group that have been around for ages and are used to making music that could literally cause your brain to bleed. But as fate would have it, they some how found their way to their local disco recently and have yet to go home.   While there, they've been using their laptops and the tunes they come up with on them to conquer most of Western Europe and have now set there sights elsewhere. Armed with an electronic battle weapon that goes by the name Mad Kit this shouldn't be to difficult.

Mad Kit is a frenzied sugar rush of midi controllers that have lost the plot and stormed the dance floor. With broken beats, chopped samples, bubble gum choruses, a choir of small children, keyboards that sound like they have three keys left on them and just about everything else up to and including the kitchen sink, DAT Politics make songs that sound something like Fannypack, CSS, an entire Toys R' Us and R2D2 mixed into one giant sonic party that's designed to make you shake your booty. Mad Kit is stupendously fun to listen to and will remind you of listening to the aural equivalent of a five year old who drank a gallon of kool aid. It's truly out of control stuff.

While DAT Politics have obviously made a record that's geared for non-stop dance floor action, they've still managed to keep enough of the glitchiness that made them who they are pulsating through Mad Kit. While the sounds might be sweeter, they're still looped, diced, and processed as if they're IDM tunes and you can hear how this has helped them piece together the weaponry that they unleash throughout Mad Kit. Whether it's the trance inducing looped synths of, "Own Thing parts I and II," or the Justice-lite of, "Moving like DAT," Mad Kit is a delirious dance floor workout that incorporates both the harsher and poppiest ends of the electronic spectrum with maniacal results.

DAT Politics are midi-madmen who abuse their Commodore 64's and Mac's to the point where someone might want to let the law know. While the law might have a problem with pc abuse, the band do this to create music that's deranged, unbalanced, and perfectly suited for the dance floor and you can't help but thank them for their efforts. Broken synths, loops, and helium inflected vocals should never sound this good when mixed together, but DAT Politics have proven throughout Mad Kit that they can and they do. In other words, chaos has never sounded like so much fun.


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