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FHP: Six Dead in 3 Car Crash in Nassau County; Man Charged with 6 Counts Vehicular Homicide

9:24 PM, Apr 3, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A friend of Pedro Alcazar, charged with six count of vehicular homicide, says he is a friendly sensitive man and a father of young children. 

Stephannie Bolin, lives next door to the home of Alcazar's parents on the northside.  She said she's known Alcazar and his family since she was young.

Bolin said she's always called him Pete.

"He's a pretty good person, you know, he really does have a heart.  He may have his flaws, but I really don't think he would go out of his way to hurt anybody," she said.

Bolin and the rest of the neighbors say they'd see Alcazar coming and going from his parents' home, but they aren't sure if he lived their permanently.

Bolin said she just saw Alcazar the other day.

"He saw my little one and said he was getting big. I had a short talk with him that's about it," she said.

When we went to Alcazar's parents' home we were invited inside. We spoke with his family off camera.

His mother was crying in the living room as his step-father told us they haven't been able to talk to their son, making this difficult time even harder.

Bolin said she's concerned with how Alcazar will handle being responsible for Friday's deadly crash.

"He's going to beat himself up over this. It's not going to be good, I know Pete," she said. 


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