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Armed Robber Shot and Killed By Police, Accomplice Arrested

1:00 PM, May 30, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Sunday, police revealed more information about the robbery and shooting at at Gate food store that took place Saturday.

Police say 28-year-old Jessie Nathan Cooper and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Shaketa Sharell Jones planned the robbery of the convenience store on Atlantic Boulevard and Century 21 Drive.

Cooper was shot and killed by police after they say he robbed the store manager at gunpoint.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was staking-out the store based on intelligence and investigations of two other recent Gate store robberies.

JSO Director Dwain Senterfitt said detectives noticed Cooper and Jones in the area of the Gate station on Atlantic Boulevard Saturday morning and watched them. 

Senterfitt said Jones dropped off Cooper at his silver SUV which was parked at the Gate station, and she drove to the business next door to act as a look-out.

Senterfitt said Jones "was on the phone with him up to the point when he did this robbery. She's admitted her involvement with planning and carrying out this robbery."

Police say Cooper wore a bandana over his face when he robbed the store manager who was carrying a bag of money to be deposited at the bank.  Senterfitt said Cooper held a Smith and Wesson 380 semi-automatic handgun.

Police say after Cooper took the money bag, he got into the SUV and started pulling out.

Police say detectives blocked him and ordered him to stop.

Senterfitt said Cooper pointed his gun at detectives. When Cooper did not stop, the two detectives fired their rifle and shotgun, hitting and killing Cooper in the SUV.

According to a police report, the manager heard four shots fired.

Police said Cooper did not fire his gun.

"So as soon as this whole thing went down," Senterfitt explained Sunday, "while detectives were trying to take down the suspect that was ultimately shot, other detectives were doing the take down with her (Jones). So we caught her right there at the scene."

Senterfitt also explained that under Florida law, Jones who was the look-out and never fired a gun, is now charged with armed robbery of the manager and with felony murder.

"Even though we were the ones that shot one of the co-defendants, any way that somebody dies in one of those things, the law charges the remaining suspects with that murder," Senterfitt said.

Robbery detectives Clem Nieto and Mike Padgett are the officers who fired their guns.

Nieto is a 21 year police veteran. He was involved in another shooting in the 1990's, but he shot and missed. This is the first time he has shot someone.

Padgett is a 20-year-veteran of the force. This was his first police involved shooting.

JSO has confirmed that no officers were injured in the shooting.

JSO is investigating the other two Gate store robberies to see if Jones and Cooper were involved in those as well.

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