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Police Say They Watched Jessie Cooper's Robbery Before He Was Shot And Killed, May Be Linked To Two Other Robberies

10:06 PM, May 30, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After two other armed robberies of Gate Gas stations in a month police say when Jessie Cooper tried to rob a Gate on Atlantic Boulevard they were ready and watching.

Police said when Cooper pointed a gun at undercover officers they were forced to shoot and kill him.

Director Dwain Senterfitt said the other Gate robberies led them to where Cooper would strike.

"Based on some very good crime analysis and intelligence and then coupled with some outstanding police work, very good investigator and detective work they decided where the next one could be," said Senterfitt.

The first robbery was the Gate on Bowden Road at the end of April. Police say a suspect followed the employee leaving with the day's bank deposit. The employee went home first  for cigarettes and that's where she was robbed.

The second Gate was on Hendricks where again the employee leaving with the day's bank deposit was robbed. And there were other similarities.

"The vhicle was the same, the description of a vehicle so we believe it's related, same sort of M.O., robbing somebody coming out of the store," said Senterfitt.

Senterfitt is not saying Cooper was definitely involved in the first two cases.

But reports show a Silver Isuzu Rodeo was involved in all three and witnesses describe the suspect wearing a red bandana every time.

The employee who was followed home tells us she had to move after that happened because she was so upset.

She says last night was the first time she was able to sleep since the attack.

Police say Cooper had an accomplice in Saturday's robbery of the Gate on Atlantic, his girlfriend, 28-year-old Shaketa Jones.

She has been charged with murder, which Florida law allows, because she was involved in a felony crime where someome was killed.















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