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Truth Test #3 McCollum For Governor

6:02 PM, Aug 12, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, fla. --  This is the third in a series of Truth Test articles, checking the validity of statements made in political ads.  This week:  The latest offering from Florida Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bill McCollum.

McCollum Ad Truth Test #3


You're probably as tired of Rick Scott's attack ads as I am of being attacked.

This is opinion.

However, it does raise an interesting question.  While you may think you're sick of attack ads, studies show they do work.  People may report that they don't like them, but they do seem to retain the information in them better than in non-attack ads.  Candidates use them, because more times than not, they are effective.

I've posted a couple of studies on this subject.  Click on the links below.





The truth is, I support the Arizona immigration law and I am defending it in court.

This is true - Now.  But McCollum has done a complete flip flop on this one.  On April 27th right after the law passed, McCollum released a statement saying he was against the Arizona law.  Then on May 14th, he reversed field and supported it.  He says the reason for this is that the law was amended on April 30th and that those amendments removed the problems he had with it in terms of racial profiling issues.   So McCollum contends that this is why he changed his mind.  Then on May 16th McCollum added that he doesn't think Florida needs the exact law because he says we don't have the same border issues as Arizona.  Then, on August 11th, he released a statement supporting an Arizona type law in Florida.  If you're confused about Mr. McCollum's stance on this one, he's given you plenty of help.

It's also true that as Florida's Attorney General, McCollum is defending the Arizona law in court.   On July 14th,   Florida joined 8 other states in filing a brief that opposes the Federal government's challenge of the Arizona law.

I have attached a copy of the court brief, and links to McCollum's history on the Arizona law.


McCollum on Arizona 1

McCollum on Arizona 2

McCollum on Arizona 3

McCollum on Arizona 4


But this race isn't about me. It's about you, our kids and grand kids, and making Florida a better place for them.  You know my conservative credentials and Rick Scott's scandals. 

This is opinion.   In terms of conservative credentials, McCollum has a solid reputation for voting pro-life, and pro-gun.  Two of the bedrock issues for conservatives.   I've attached his voting record from his days in Congress to this report.   His reference to Rick Scott's scandals refers to the fraud charges faced by Scott's former company Columbia HCA.  The company was forced to pay a 1.7 billion dollar fine for defrauding Medicare.  Scott was the head of the company during the time of the investigation, which certainly means he bears some responsibility, but he never faced personal charges. 

You'll find the Justice Department letter concerning the charges attached here.





Weigh his personal greed against my public service.

Again, this is opinion.

Scott has been highly success in the business world, and is a multi-millionaire because of it.  McCollum  contends that  Scott's personal fortune was, at least in part due to the fraud in his company.  Again, all the information you need to make your own assessment of that is on our website.   As far as public service, McCollum has been in government or running for office since 1981, almost 30 years.  

You'll find his complete biography on our website.



I trust your judgment. I always have.

We'll have to take his word for that one.

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