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Truth Test #6 Alex Sink Ad 'Anything'

5:55 PM, Sep 30, 2010   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  This is the sixth in a series of political fact check articles for ads running on First Coast News stations.

This week's ad is from the Alex Sink for Governor Campaign. It's a response to an ad from her opponent Rick Scott concerning Florida's Pension Plan, which Sink oversees as Chief Financial Officer. It's entitled 'Anything'.

Let's take a look.


Newspapers call Rick Scott's Ad blaming Alex Sink on pensions deceptive, misleading.  Scott's ad smudges the facts.  

This is true.  A number of newspaper articles say the implication that Alex Sink was to blame for billions in state pension fund losses is misleading. They point to the fact that the state pension fund did lose money during the down economy, but by the time Scott's ad ran, most of the losses had been recovered with the improvement in the markets. 

I've attached the ads mentioned here to the website. I do want to point out, that while some are done by journalists who looked into the pension process, others are opinion columns. I don't give those as much weight because they don't have to be sourced. You can read all of it for yourself on our website.

I've also attached a link to the website for the State Board of Administration and it's overview of the pension plan.


Rick Scott will say and do anything just to win an election.  So you deserve the truth.

This is, of course, Sink's own opinion. The Scott campaign sent in information supporting its claims about Sink and the investment decisions made during her tenure as the state's chief financial officer, and I have attached those to the website for your review.


Investment Management Weekly just reported Florida's pension fund earned record breaking returns.

This is true.

The publication mentioned here is actually quoting an SBA report to that effect.  I've attached the article, which details the numbers to our website.


The independent Pew Center on the States calls Florida a well- funded model for a pension system.

This is true. 

I've attached the Pew Center report to this story on the website. You can find the comments about Florida on page 39.


Rick Scott: deceptive, misleading.  A risk Florida can't afford to take.

This is opinion.  This comment was taken from an editorial written in the Orlando Sentinel which endorsed Sink for Governor.

Both the Sink and Scott campaigns sent in materials supporting their positions on this ad.

They've all been placed unedited, and in their entirety on our website.                             

Supporting documents provides by the Sink Campaign:

Click here for supporting documents from the Scott campaign


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