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Jaguars fans can now bring food into EverBank Field

8:22 AM, Aug 2, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For the first time ever, fans will be able to bring their own snacks into Everbank Field.

According to Jaguars President, Mark Lamping the move was designed to make games more accessible for fans.

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"We know it takes an investment at times to purchase a Jaguars ticket," explained Laming.  "People invest their hard earned money to support the team and you know, we just want to try to make it a little easier for those-particularly those families that have young kids."

Michael Joseph has three children and said that it often costs between $80-100 to buy snacks and drinks for the entire family at a game.  

"I think it'll be an amazing savings, amazing savings," raved Joseph.  "I think it'll go a long way to buy that extra ticket, come to an extra game.  So, it's exciting.  I love it."

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Shelley Anderson said her nine year old son has serious food allergies, which used to keep them from the games.

"There are some things that we could eat that are offered by the stadium, but there are other things that we cannot.  So, it's nice to know that we can bring that in and not have to compromise our son's health," explained Anderson.

In the past, people with special dietary or medical needs could get special permission from the stadium to bring in their own snacks, but the new policy will make the process easier for everyone, Anderson said.

"We're just continuing, really at the direction of Shad Khan, to do everything we can to make a trip to a Jaguars game a great value," added Lamping.

However, the Jaguars said this change will not compromise safety.  Fans must place any food items in a clear, gallon-sized plastic bag.  Anything in a wrapper must be unwrapped so that security can inspect it.  Any items that security personnel think may be suspicious will not be allowed.  

Currently, thirteen NFL franchises allow fans to bring their own food, but all of them have different rules.

Atlanta Falcons - no outside food or drink, medical supplies or people with special dietary needs can obtain letter of approval.

New Orleans Saints - no outside food or drink.

Carolina Panthers - no food, only 2 sealed, unflavored water bottles per person.

Tennessee Titans - no outside food, except for people with special medical or dietary needs.

San Diego Chargers - Food in a small plastic bag and factory-sealed plastic water bottles ½ liter, 17 oz. or less (limit two per person) are allowed into the Stadium. Bottles, cans, coolers, backpacks and bags larger than 12"x12"x12" are prohibited from entering the stadium. All items are subject to search or may not be admitted.

Baltimore Ravens - We emailed the stadium but have not yet received a response.

Green Bay Packers - no food or beverages.

New England Patriots - no food or drink, unless approved by Chief Operating officer.

New York Jets--Food contained in a clear plastic bag, Factory-sealed, plastic bottles of water or soft drinks that are 20 oz. or less in size (caps will be removed by Safety Services team members).

Cincinnati Bengals - no food, can bring in sealed bottles of water.

San Francisco 49ers - sealed bottles of drinks, food and fruit cut into small pieces.

Detroit Lions - no food, beverages or liquids.

Seattle Seahawks - Seahawks fans may bring food into CenturyLink Field and CenturyLink Field Event Center on game days in clear plastic bags only, but per NFL Policy, outside beverages are not allowed.  Exceptions are made for factory-sealed bottled water (non-enhanced, flavored or carbonated), baby bottles, beverages related to medical needs, and unopened, soft-sided single-serve containers (ie. juice boxes).

Houston Texans - no outside food or drink.

Dallas Cowboys - no outside food or drink, unless a fan has special medical needs.

Miami Dolphins - no food, Beverages - one (1) 16 oz. unopened plastic bottle of water per person is permitted.  Bottle must not be frozen.  NO OTHER BEVERAGES PERMITTED.

Kansas City Chiefs - no food.

Chicago Bears - Food: for personal consumption is permitted in the stadium in clear plastic bags or small soft-sided insulated pouches only; all other food containers and coolers are prohibited.

Cleveland Browns - Yes. Small food items and snack foods such as chips, pretzels, peanuts, popcorn, etc. for personal consumption are permitted as long as they are in clear plastic bags. Coolers, containers or drinks of any kind are prohibited.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Yes. Food items such as small sandwiches, chips, pretzels, etc. are permitted in as long as they are in clear Ziploc plastic bags. No brown bags or plastic grocery store bags are permitted. You may also bring water, juice, pop, etc. as long as it is in a plastic bottle, 24 oz. or less and must have its original factory seal.

Minnesota Vikings - We have emailed the team but we have not yet received a response.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - no food or drink.

Indianapolis Colts - no food or drink.

Philadelphia Eagles - food must be wrapped in clear plastic, no drinks.

Buffalo Bills- Food - unopened, single serve containers carried in clear plastic bags.

New York Giants - a sealed bottle of water or soft drink 20 oz or less in size, Food contained in a clear plastic bag.

Washington Redskins - no food or drink.

Denver Broncos - Non-alcoholic beverages brought into the stadium must be in approved factory sealed plastic containers only. Fans are allowed to bring food into the stadium; however, it must be contained in a clear plastic grocery bag and must be small enough to fit under a standard stadium seat.

Oakland Raiders - Food in clear plastic wrap, drinks prohibited.

Arizona Cardinals - Fans are not allowed to bring any food or beverage items inside University of Phoenix Stadium. We ask that fans either leave these items inside their vehicles or dispose of them at the security checkpoint before entering the stadium. The only exceptions are:
One (1) factory-sealed, non-frozen 500mL (16.9 fl. Oz.) plastic bottle of water
Food and beverage items for infants two years of age or younger.However, fans will be allowed to bring one (1) factory-sealed, non-frozen 500mL (16.9 fl. Oz.) bottle of water (no soda, flavored water or sports drinks.) Parents with small children may bring plastic bottles of formula or milk inside of the stadium.

St. Louis Rams - Limited snacks that fit into a quart size bag are allowed for each person, no outside beverages.

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