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Report: FSCJ should add a chief of staff, eliminate exec VP

5:25 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- State Sen. Steve Oelrich is calling for a grand jury investigation into Florida State College at Jacksonville, according to a report from our Florida Times-Union news partner.

Oelrich, who heads the state Senate higher education committee, told the Times-Union Wednesday that problems raised this year in a state audit amount to malfeasance.

However, some FSCJ Board of Trustees members tell First Coast News that such an investigation may be premature.

The news comes on the heels of a report released Thursday by MGT of America, which is being paid to review how the college is being run.

Among the 16 recommendations in the report is a call to create a chief of staff/chief operating officer position that would oversee all administrative activities of the college.

MGT also recommends eliminating the executive vice president position, saying the majority of duties have been assumed by the newly established Vice President and Provost position.

The report further recommends establishing an internal auditor position that would report to the district board of trustees.

MGT RECOMMENDATIONS SUMMARY (story continues after summary)

Create a Chief of Staff/Chief Operating Officer position.

Conduct a professional development workshop(s) for the District Board of Trustees utilizing an outside facilitator.

Eliminate the Executive Vice President position.

Establish a College Internal Auditor position reporting to the District Board of Trustees.

Revise/retitle the current Vice President for Student Development and Community Education position and consolidate the duties and responsibilities relating to all key student service functions, including Financial Aid.

Revise reporting structure to allow all Campus Financial Aid administrators to report to the Director of Financial Aid in the Office of the Vice President for Student Services (or other appropriate title to be determined per Recommendation 5), and be responsible and accountable to this centralized function.

Create a separate communications, public relations, and marketing function outside of Vice President's office and establish a reporting line to the Chief of Staff/Chief Operating Officer position.

Readdress all FSCJ professional development and training needs in a coordinated and proactive manner. Primary responsibility for administrative professional development and training should be in the Human Resources

SEE ALSO: Read the entire MGT report on FSCJ to see all 16 recommendations

The FSCJ board reviewed the report at its Thursday meeting. 

Among the problems that have been cited in previous reports are financial aid errors that cost the college $2.5 million concerning the misappropriation of Pell Grants.

FSCJ President Steve Wallace has also come under fire from a number of fronts, including a questionable internal video that become public earlier this year that pokes fun about college spending, with one of the lines being "Great, Don, looks like you've blown another gazillion dollars. Now what are we going to do?"

The report also recommended hiring a chief of staff for Wallace. According to the report, Wallace received high marks in running the college except in the area of internal management. Board chair James McCollum said action on any proposed changes would happen at a later date.

As the meeting wrapped up, Wallace offered a few remarks after listening to the detailed report outlining possible changes.

"Over the summer, I have focused more on college operations ... more blocking than tackling," said Wallace.

Wallace said at Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting, he is recommending that the college's Executive Vice President's position be eliminated.  That was one of the consultants 16 proposals for change.

A new chairperson will take the helm at the Tuesday BOT meeting and begin more detailed discussions on possible internal changes at Florida State College at Jacksonville. 

First Coast News, The Florida Times-Union

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