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Political Vandalism

9:47 PM, Sep 28, 2012   |    comments
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PALM COAST, Fla. -- A sign of the times?

One neighborhood fears for their safety after their yard is vandalized.

"It makes people feel like we're not safe," said Alonzo Cooks.

Cooks and his neighbors can't justify why anyone would throw eggs at their duplex, rip down campaign signs, and smash the lights in their yard all over their political beliefs.

"You have to explain to your 8 year old daughter why there's eggs on the side of the house, and why stickers have been ripped off her uncle's car," he said.

Cooks and his neighbor Pam Berdebes volunteer for the Obama Re-election campaign, and say after their yard was vandalized, other people in their neighborhood took their political signs down.

"It makes them scared to support the president, and no one should have to feel that way," said his brother, Jay Cooks.

Political vandalism has been reported all over the country in the months leading up to the election- on both sides of the aisle.

A couple in California told police someone left a homemade bomb next to their Mitt Romney sign.

The Cooks have installed video cameras on their home to try and catch whoever tore down their signs, and they added a whole lot more.

"When they took away one, we added six. So I hope they're happy with our new decorations in the yard," said Cooks.

"I will not be scared, I will continue," said Pam.

And they're looking out for each other.

"Today it was eggs, tomorrow it may be bricks," said Cooks.  




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