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Sandy: A friend shares photos from Brooklyn

8:41 AM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
  • Photo Courtesy: Veronique Bergeron
  • Greenpoint Pier. Photo Courtesy: Veronique Bergeron
  • The East River. Photo Courtesy: Veronique Bergeron
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Editor's note: We'll be running first person accounts occasionally from our First Coast News staffers who have friends and family along Hurricane Sandy's path FCN's Claire Simms shares per personal connection to Sandy.



In Middle School, Veronique Bergeron and I would spend hours on the floor cutting pictures and words out of magazines.  Once we had torn the latest Seventeen to pieces, we would rearrange the images into a complete picture of how we were feeling or what we were seeing in our small piece of the world.

In the years since, our small cutouts of the world have grown and taken us in different directions. 

Veronique now lives in Brooklyn, New York and right now her Facebook page is filled with images and messages revolving around Hurricane Sandy.

Veronique has posted snapshots of flooding in the streets and of her neighbors' attempts to protect their windows from the storm.

When I contacted Veronique about using some of her photos here on the First Coast, she was more than happy to share them.  

It is almost as though we are back in seventh grade--cutting and pasting pictures together to show you how a very big storm is impacting our, still small, piece of world.  


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