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Attorney reacts to no charges for Mojo

11:35 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- Every Sunday is Reggae Sunday at the Conch House in St. Augustine.

But an altercation involving one of the most public figures in Jacksonville made one Sunday in St. Augustine unique.  

Surveillance video from Sunday May 26 shows a crowd on the deck of the bar and restaurant.

"The video is unclear, at least initially," Patrick Canan said. 

Canan, the attorney for Kasim Howard who was a security guard at the Conch House that day, said Jacksonville Jaguars running-back Maurice Jones-Drew punched him.

"Howard was just doing his job. There was someone else in this Jones Drew group creating a scene and he was trying to escort him out and that's when Jones Drew decided to involve himself," Canan said.

Then Jones-Drew "cold clocks him" according to Canan.

Canan looked at the video with First Coast News.

He said Howard can be seen in the video wearing a green shirt. Jones-Drew was caught on another camera wearing a white tank top.   

In the upper right corner, there is a burst of activity.  

It appears that Howard lifts his hand up and then he falls down. Shortly afterward, some people walk off toward the left of the screen.

"You see, within seconds of Kasim going down, you see Jones-Drew leaving, within seconds. And then he shows up in front of another camera," Canan noted.

However, the video is not clear enough for prosecutors.   

The State Attorney's office chose not to file a simple battery charge against Jones-Drew, saying there is not enough evidence.

"Naturally I am pleased with this result and look forward to focusing on football. My rehab is going well and I'm anxious to join my teammates at the start of training camp," Jones-Drew said. 

"I don't understand. It's not clear on video tape? So. Talk to witnesses. Talk to Mr. Howard." Canan said. "When we start depending on crimes being captured on video to result in convictions, we're all in trouble."

In a letter to the State Attorney's Office in early June, Jones-Drew's attorney, Hank Coxe, questioned Howard's injuries.

Howard's attorney said the injuries are to the neck and cheek.

Coxe also wrote that the Conch House elected to sell the surveillance video to TMZ in the midst of the investigation. 

However, the Conch House manager told First Coast News Tuesday TMZ asked to buy it the video, but it was never sold.

Howard's attorney indicates the battle is not over yet. 

Howard said he'll be filing a civil suit, and he'll have the video enhanced from that Reggae Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend.

First Coast News

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