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Trayvon Martin supporters march in Tallahassee; ask Governor for special legislative session

5:46 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Nation-wide demonstrations against the George Zimmerman verdict continued on Tuesday when over one-hundred people marched to the state capitol building in Tallahassee.

One by one demonstrators marched outside Florida Governor Rick Scott's office chanting 'the world is ours, the world is ours,' with one purpose in mind -- honoring Trayvon Martin.

"I'm here today because all across the state of Florida young black and brown youth are racially profiled, criminalized and in cases like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, killed because of this racial profiling," said Lucky Thomas, a FAMU Dream Defender.

The Dream Defenders group formed after Trayvon's death last year. When George Zimmerman received a 'not guilty' verdict, the group decided it had to speak with the Governor itself.

"The place behind me is where people are going to create our future and so they don't know about what we are going through. There's nobody who should be at the table more, there's nobody voice who should shine at the table more than ours," said Melanie Andrade, President of FAMU Dream Defenders.

Dream Defenders along with students from other colleges, members of the NAACP and supporters from all over the state, are asking Governor Scott to hold a special legislative session to address the 'stand your ground' law and issues of racial profiling.

"Something is very, very wrong with the 'stand your ground' law and I will not rest until it is struck down," said Dorothy Inmann-Johnson, a Tallhassee resident.

Inmann-Johnson has a blog where she writes about her work in the civil rights movement and says she see's much of herself in the youth currently struggling for equality.

"It's frightening. It's a very frightening world for our children when they don't know how to navigate when the laws are stacked against them," said Inmann-Johnson.

Governor Scott was not at the state capitol building, but the group says they are going to wait for his return even if that means coming back every day until they meet with him.

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