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Pre-interrogation video of Jacksonville Best Buy beating suspect, James Tadros, released

10:06 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- New video just released in the Best Buy attack on a 9-year-old girl. Police say 30-year-old James Tadros attacked the girl in the women's restroom at the Southside store.

Now FCN is seeing the moments leading up to his interrogation. The video shows what happens before the interrogation begins.

James Tadros is moved to two different interview rooms, and even before the conversation begins, it's immediately confrontational.

The interaction between Tadros and police only gets worse.

Accused of attempted murder for allegedly beating a 9-year-old girl and holding her head underwater in a toilet in a best buy bathroom, Tadros does not say anything about the crime on the 35-minute tape released by the State Attorney's office.

Tadros allegedly ripped a surveillance camera off the wall and moved furniture around in the room. After police take the chairs and table out of the room, police zip tie his arms and legs.

"Obviously the detectives have to make sure that they're going to be safe and protect themselves," said Richard Kuritz, Criminal Defense attorney.

Kuritz said restraining suspects during an interview is standard practice, and even the more bizarre parts of Tadros' interview are not all that unusual in his line of work.

"I've seen clients who are just left there for hours by themselves and they start acting out," Kuritz said. "They begin talking to themselves, talking to the camera, they begin to pray."

Still, Kuritz thinks releasing the video will make it more difficult for Tadros to get a fair trial.

"I always get disappointed, because it's an effort, in my mind, to taint the jury panel, to get them to feel like they already should know what the verdict is in a case," Kuritz says.

After seeing the video, the first step will be getting mental health professionals to evaluate him, Kuritz says.

"You're going to start building the defense of mental health issues, so as a defense lawyer, I would start at the beginning, right here in this interview when law enforcement makes their first contact with him," Kuritz said.

The interview between Tadros and the detectives is considered evidence and will not be released until after the trial.

The tape ends inexplicably with a Justin Bieber song playing in the background.

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