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US leads world in smartphone porn viewing

8:55 AM, Dec 24, 2013   |    comments
Pornhub Traffic on Christmas goes down everywhere Pornhub tracks... except Japan.
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The United States is the first to achieve a rather dubious milestone in technology: More than half our Internet porn is watched on mobile phones, judging by the habits of visitors to Pornhub, one of the Web's largest distributors of online smut.

In the website's 2013 Year in Review post (NSFW link), several interesting statistics are revealed - but to establish credibility, the first numbers shown are the site's overall traffic: 1.68 million visits per hour on average, leading to a total of 14.7 billion visitors during the last year.

Worldwide, the desktop is still the favored porn platform, accounting for 51 percent of visits to Pornhub, well above the 40 percent that came from a mobile device. The U.S., however, perhaps owing to impressive smartphone market penetration, saw globe-leading consumption on mobiles: 52 percent, plus another 10 percent on tablets. Good old desktop watching is being left behind - though there's no word on DVDs, magazines and peep shows.

There are a number of other stats, from the decline in porn viewer hours during holidays and sports events to the months and days of the week with the most and least visits. Traffic is even broken down by country, so you can feel a little pride - or maybe a little shame - on account of the national habits.

Head over to the post for a few more not necessarily tech-oriented highlights (many not safe for work, naturally).

Devin Coldewey NBC News

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