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On Your Side: The Ladder Fix

6:22 PM, Apr 25, 2005   |    comments
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By Ken Amaro First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- It has taken six years of research and planning and development. Larry Jordan says every time he read a headline of a traffic fatality involving a ladder, it became more painful. "It got to me and I said enough is enough, people shouldn't have to die this way." said Jordan. In 1999, a couple died when their truck went over the guard rail of the Buckman Bridge. Police say the accident happened after a chain of events. First, a ladder fell off the back of a truck. Next, a semi swerved to avoid it and slammed into the red Chevy pickup driven by the couple. In 2003, it happened again -- This time on the Shands Bridge. Sheri Hamilton lost her Life. "(It wasn't the bridge), the ladder in the road, then the big concrete truck who wasn't paying attention to where he was going. That was the casue of the accident," says husband Jeff Hamilton. "It's been six years of work," says Larry Jordan. Retired refrigeration mechanic Larry Jordan was surprised by the number of traffic fatalities caused by ladders in the road. "People don't have to die this way," says Jordan. Jordan invented a device to keep ladders off the road and on the vehicles. "The idea came from my heavenly father, and that's why I call it Daddy's Ladder Rack," says Jordan. It has a long adjustable rail with prongs to secure the ladder rungs and arms that lock it on the vehicle. Jordan says it can be used on vans and trucks, even in the beds of trucks. "Everything from step to full length ladders," says Jordan. Jordan has received a patent for his invention, and he now needs funds to manufacture it and place it in stores. He's passionate about his device and what it can do. "This is all about saving lives," he says. "I feel the pain, the remorse, that this is unnecessary." "This doesn't need to continue."

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