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"Ghost Hunters" Tape Episode In St. Augustine

8:03 PM, Jan 17, 2006   |    comments
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By Jessica Clark First Coast News ST. AUGUSTINE, FL -- St. Augustine is a town where it seems almost every building has a ghost story. That’s why the Sci Fi Channel’s paranormal professionals are in town. The cable show “Ghost Hunters” is investigating the Old City’s old haunts. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are the show’s hosts. They and 13 crew members have spent time inside three St. Augustine structures to see if the tales are true. Wilson says, “We go in, we listen to the stories, and with scientific research we try to debunk the place. If we can’t then what is left is proof.” Proof… that there is something unusual, even paranormal taking place inside the buildings. The crew has taped at night inside the St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Old City Jail, and the Spanish Military Hospital. It seems everyone on the crew and in The Atlantic Paranormal Society, or TAPS, is tight-lipped about their findings. “We’re not allowed to say what we found,” Wilson chuckles. “Then people wouldn’t watch the show.” Hawes says, “It’s going to be an interesting episode. It’s been well worth the trip. Let’s just put it that way.” That sounds good to people who make their living from ghost tours and sharing spooky stories. Wilson says usually in places and cities where people are making money from ghost stories, when you peel away the tourism aspect, there’s not much truth there. He says, that’s not the case in St. Augustine. “It seems like as we do our research on location, the places are as they say they are. When we talk to people about paranormal activity, is seems genuine.” The St. Augustine episode of “Ghost Hunters” will air in April on the Sci Fi Channel. There’s no word on an exact date. The show airs on Wednesday nights.

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