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Family distraught after Durousseau's arrest

10:34 PM, Jun 18, 2003   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL - One day after the news of Durousseau's arrest, the family of one his victims say they knew it was him all along. On January 20th, 17-year-old Jovanna Jefferson was reported missing by her mother. Jovanna's mom told police her daughter was last seen getting into a Gator City Cab driven by a man known to her family as 'D.' Jovanna's family called her cell phone insisting she come home and the cab driver told Jovanna's aunt, that he was bringing her home. According to Winifred Jefferson, Jovanna's mother, "He told her he was bringing her home now but Jovanna never got home. So I did my own investigation. We went looking and the only thing I knew was the name was 'D'." Jovanna's mother says she checked the logs at Gator City Taxi to see who picked up her daughter. The driver was 32-year-old Paul Durousseau, a man on probation for felony charges of aggravated abuse. The victim's family said they pushed police to dig further into Durousseau's past, and claims they didn't. "If we wouldn't have kept on groaning about my baby they probably would have never caught him. I already knew. God had given me the faith. I knew. I knew it was him. I definitely knew," said Winifred Jefferson. "If they would have listened to me they would have known but they didn't listen. But, now they see it's her. Nothing can bring my child back. Nothing can bring her back. But I think God That I kept on with the faith."

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