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Check Scam Costs Victim Thousands

10:51 PM, May 30, 2006   |    comments
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By Ken Amaro First Coast News MACCLENNY, FL -- Glenn Williams pays close attention to what's in his garden. "You have to clip them every morning or they will burn up," says Williams, talking about his Okra plants. But Williams missed the details in a phony check and got burned. "Where's my money?" he asked. Williams is the victim of a growing scam. It started with a letter from a Vancouver, BC address. It claimed he was awarded $75,000. "How did they even get my address, I don't know," says Williams. They had his Baker County address and sent him a cashiers check for 32 hundred dollars, as a clearance fee. Williams took it to his bank. "I signed it, they cashed it and I had $3280.00" says Williams. Then he was instructed to wire back the money to two different persons in Canada. He did. "It sounded convincing," says Williams. After paying his clearance fee, he would receive $71,000. He didn't. A few days later he received another cashiers check for $4200. Williams says when he tried to cash the $4200 check, he discovered the first check was a counterfeit. "They said I owe them and I had ten days to pay it back," says Williams. The bank has frozen his checking account. Since his paycheck is direct deposit, until the bank is repaid $3280, he sees none of his paycheck. Williams says the scam has cost him thousands and created a financial hardship. Wachovia Bank will contact Williams to work out a repayment plan, beyond that the bank will not discuss customers accounts.

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