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Scalping Now Fair Game In Florida

7:25 AM, Sep 11, 2006   |    comments
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By Angela Williams First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Football season is officially here, and on any given Sunday fans pull out the works for their home team. "I'm really excited I just hope Jaguars win today so, I'm really happy and excited now," says 10-year-old Christian Smith. But the rules have changed this year in Florida when it comes to buying and selling tickets. According to a recently passed State Senate bill, this is the first season which ticket scalping is legal. The law allows a person to resell tickets over the face value for as much as they want. It's a topic that leaves mixed emotions with some Jaguars fans. "If somebody's coming in town, traveling in town and they can't get a ticket from the internet or the venue, and somebody's selling tickets, they'll get them and they'll go," says Jaguars fan John Cornish. "My opinion of the scalping law, is the Governor didn't have any idea what he was doing when he signed it," says Jaguars fan Ed Dowling. State Representative John Stargel sponsored the bill and says the idea behind the new law is to have a more competitive market, not just limiting reselling to ticket brokers online as some agree with. "Either the people are going to pay for it or they are not. If you're going to come to the game you're either going to pay the scalpers or not, so I don't have a problem with it," says Cornish. The bill was signed by Governor Jeb Bush on June 7, 2006 and went into effect July 1st. Under the old state bill, a person could only resell tickets no more than $1 over the face value. Regulations prohibit reselling tickets on private property of the venue hosting the event; however reselling is allowed on public property outside the venue such as sidewalks and streets.

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