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Mother seeks closure in son's disappearance

3:05 AM, Aug 23, 2003   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, FL - Police in St. Mary's, Gerogia are now saying that they suspect foul play in the case of 19-year-old Travis Pittman. The teen has been missing for eight months and police finally say they are looking at several suspects. With the latest news Travis Pittman's mother, Debbie, is hoping for some form of closure. Travis was last seen in his home in January and since then his mother says she felt he was murdered. She has been piecing together bits of information for eight months and sharing what she has found with law enforcement agencies and anyone else who would listen. "Its been very frustrating because who do you turn to? I've been to the mayor, I've been to the GBI, I've been to the FDLE, and I've been to many sheriff's and police departments. I've just gotten no response." But thanks to the St. Mary's Police Department there may have been a break in the case. After months of persistence, Debbie Pittman has been told what she's believed all along. Corporal Robert Maloney of the St. Mary's Police Department is investigationg the case. "It appears Travis was killed to be made and example of. Killed for stealing some methamphetamines." Maloney says he believes that Travis was killed over $500 worth of drugs. Police are now looking for Travis' body in the Nassau River. Debbie Pittman is hoping they find it so she can have some closure. She says that her son would want me to keep going. He would want me to be happy." Police are continuing to search for Travis body. They say they have many suspects, including members of a Yulee skinhead group. They say he was last seen with one of them.

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