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Faith-Based Diets

8:11 AM, Feb 6, 2007   |    comments
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By Deanna Fené First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- People often turn to the Bible for strength, encouragement, and courage, and now, Scripture is also being used to help people lose weight. Dr. Don Colbert has written dozens of books and sold millions of copies including 'What Would Jesus Eat, ''The Bible Cure for Weightloss,' and 'The Seven Pillars of Health.' He says, "The Bible teaches us in Isaiah 26 Chapter 3, 'He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staying on Him because he trust in Him,' referring to God." Dr. Colbert was one of the pioneers of putting religion into diets. "It's a phenomenal program that's very healthy that's simply based on God's word that is what the Bible talks about. This is the healthiest program in the world for health." His books focus on eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water, exercise and reducing stress. He says, "Sin and lying creates stress response in the body. So when you live a Holy life; when you live a good life practicing love, practicing joy, and forgiveness, it creates a nonstress response in the body." He says when a person is stressed they tend to eat more and therefore gain weight. "Most people eat because they're stressed, or they want comfort, or they're lonely, or they're depressed, or they're anxious." He also writes about what foods to avoid. In his book, 'What Would Jesus Eat?' he strongly urges people not to eat pork. This raises a red flag to St. Vincent's Dietitian Cecilia Hennig. "He says pork is full of toxins and that's really not supported by scientific evidence. Today's pork is not full of toxins." She says his books have a lot of good points but she's most concerned about the supplements Dr. Colbert encourages people to take, which he sells. Hennig says, "His website and his books promote a variety of supplements that are necessary to make you successful and it happens to be his own divine line of supplements. You can't go to the generic versions." Dr. Colbert says, "I teach people what supplements they need. I teach people how to cleanse and detox the body." His books are helping people like Danielle Reback. She lost 15 pounds the first month. "I started reading it and realized how unhealthy I was, and I wasn't drinking nearly enough water." She was attracted to his diet program because it's Bible based. "He puts Scriptures in there and tries to tie the Bible in with being healthy. Something about that inspired me." Marie Rodgriguez has also lost weight. She's tried dozens of diets before but says putting religion into the diet program worked for her. She says, "The most important thing is realizing your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit." It's become a huge business for Doctor Colbert who has an office near Orlando where he sees patients. The wait to get in to see him, six to eight months. He says he's promoting a healthy lifestyle and people come to see him to feel better. He doesn't deny he's using religion as a marketing tool to help people and to sell books. "Is this going to help sell books? Yeah it will help sell books and that's fine. I want to sell books because I feel the message is so strong." Dietitians say the diet you want to go on is the one that keeps the weight off and they say there are things you want to be aware of when considering a fad diet: anything that promises a quick fix; anything that states you must avoid certain foods; and anything that states you need to buy their supplements.

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