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Man Circulates Naked Pictures of Ex-wives

8:33 AM, Apr 28, 2007   |    comments
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EVANSVILLE, IN -- An Evansville man is now behind bars for dumping sexually explicit photos around an his neighborhood. Neighbors found the pictures Wednesday. The fliers also included the names and addresses of the women's family members. Police say both women are the suspect's ex-wives. The photos are quite graphic, but with them is an address linking one of the women to one Evansville home. However, the woman doesn't live there. The couple that does wants people to know they have nothing to do with this. Teri O'Brien says she is disturbed her home address is listed with cards of naked women, "There's a lot of new people who moved into the neighborhood and I'd really like them to know it's a safe neighborhood and we have nothing to do with that pornographic material." Evansville police say 57-year-old Gordan Wayne Wright is responsible for spreading the bags of obscene material. Police say the two naked women in the photos are two of Wright's ex-wives. Once arrested, Wright admitted to police he meant to get back at one of them. He felt she caused his son to commit suicide years ago. Evansville Police Department Officer Steve Green says this was no easy feat, "A lot of work was put into this. A lot of effort was put in because he made so many of these packets. There was a lot of work to put them all over the Westside of Vanderburgh County and into Posey County." Police say Wright went through the trouble of putting together names, addresses and phone numbers of people related and affiliated with the naked women. Wright also placed all of the information in plastic baggies, making O'Brien think more about this humiliating crime, he says, "It's creepy. Just creepy. What really scared me is the person who did it if they were going to go through that much trouble then they think she lives here. What's going to stop them from doing something here." Gordan Wayne Wright is facing two misdemeanor charges -- one for distributing and exhibiting obscene material and the other for invasion of privacy.


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