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Tornado Touches Down on Flagler Beach

10:30 AM, Jul 23, 2007   |    comments
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By Kristin Smith First Coast News
Send us your storm damage pictures. FLAGLER COUNTY, FL -- A waterspout apparently moved across land, damaging property in Flagler Beach Sunday afternoon. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Flagler Beach shortly after 1 p.m. People reportedly saw waterspouts off the Flagler Beach pier moving toward the beach. At least one waterspout came on land as a tornado, and caused damage along South 2nd Street. The National Weather Service reports the tornado moved three blocks inland before dissipating. In all of Nancy Teater's 40 years living in Flagler Beach, she's never seen a tornado. So when she heard the wind kick up - a twister wasn't on her mind. "It sounded like barrels of something or metal rolling along the street. I didn't think much about it," said Nancy. When she got a call a tornado hit near her beauty shop, she went to see the damage. "I was very surprised to see all the metal strewn around and power lines down. I never would have thought a tornado touched down," said Nancy. Downed power lines draped from poles and scattered the street. Metal siding was crushed like aluminum foil. First Coast News got photographs of the water spout before it moved on land. They were taken by a Flagler Beach fireman. It's what Sergeant Dan Cody saw barreling toward him as he tried evacuating the pier. "All we saw was the water stirred up, and it looked like a big mist of water going around," said Cody. With all the damage from a considerably weak tornado, Nancy says she hopes never to see one bigger. "Thank heavens it was so small. We are very fortunate," said Nancy. Officials have categorized this tornado as a F-0, based on the amount of damage it caused.

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