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Jacksonville's Underground Tunnels

11:27 PM, Nov 6, 2007   |    comments
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By Joy Purdy First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- How long have you lived in the Jacksonville area? I'm willing to wager (a gentleman's bet of course) that you've never known about the old tunnels running underground. If you have heard about them -- did you know you can walk through one today? You can find them in downtown Jacksonville. You may have never paid much attention to the streets that seem to "soar" in certain sections. Next time -- take a closer look. In the heart of the city's old commerce center, you'll find yourself occasionally driving on an incline thanks to a handful of tunnels built beneath the streets decades ago. Some date back to the early 1900s. Most are boarded up, but one is still used today; it was built in the mid 1970s. In fact, if you're looking for a good spot to have lunch, check out Benny's Sandwich Shop. Benny and his wife Sarah have been working there -- underground -- for 22 years! Take a look at my special story on the tunnels to find out why they were originally built, and by whom. Here's a hint -- the underground passages were huge money movers. Here's another link for you to check out. It shows a creative way the Barnett National Bank served customers before a drive-in facility was constructed. Thanks to the underground space, the "Jack-in-the-Box" Teller was born.

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