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Survivor Tells How She Escaped Construction Collapse

10:33 AM, Dec 17, 2007   |    comments
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By Ryan Duffy First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Tammy Tillett says there was no sign of what was coming that morning. "Everything was okay and the next thing I know, poof, just dropped, no warning, nothing, just collapsed," says Tillett. Just poof -- no more floor or ceiling, only chaos. "It just dropped...just a snap of a finger, that's how quick it was," says Tillett. Tammy was on the fifth floor when the building crumbled. She went down hard, landing on her hip, cement and steel crushing down on her head. She fell into a crack in the debris with wet cement pouring onto her. A coworker nearby helped pull her out,. "I got halfway out and my jacket got stuck and then he pulled me out the rest of the way and we waited there until the fire department came," says Tillett. Now more than a week later, she is one of the last of the 23 collapse survivors still under constant care. She says it hurts to move at all and she is bruised from her head to her ankle, but she made it. "Overall I consider myself very lucky. This would be the best Christmas present I ever had, just being alive." But she still can't get what happened out of her mind day or night. "I wake up every night having nightmares. I relive it every night, just falling and seeing that...I mean, everything's just coming down, that's the scariest."

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