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Buying a House

Dead tree concerns Arlington residents

5:54 PM, Nov 21, 2013

The City of Jacksonville is on a mission to remove or trim a number of marked trees in a timely manner, the big challenge is the funding to get it all done in a budget year.

How to burglar proof your home for the holidays

5:25 PM, Nov 11, 2013

The holidays are around the corner, security experts say burglars have more temptation to break in.

Couples home sold in foreclosure by mistake

7:16 PM, Nov 5, 2013

It is clearly a mistake in the filing, the problem is that mistake now clouds a property that doesn't have a mortgage and puts the owners in a state of uncertainty.

Ga. family told loan modification no longer valid

6:42 PM, Nov 4, 2013

Debra Warner is worried about her home and  mortgage company.

How to easily protect your money if the U.S. defaults

4:57 PM, Oct 14, 2013

There are several impacts that would have a direct impact on you. Read on to find out how you can protect yourself starting now.

Man says garbage truck damaged his mailbox

6:38 PM, Sep 20, 2013

Lowell, from the Westside, said he wants his mailbox fixed.

OYS Follow-up: Lawn care Co. offers to treat problem

6:35 PM, Sep 20, 2013

An On Your Side follow-up. Diane from San Marco was unhappy with her lawncare company and wanted her grass re-sodded.

Clarification on Clay Electric rate hikes

6:56 PM, Sep 19, 2013

Rates will go up by 3.5 percent for customers who use an average of 1,171 kilowatt hours per month.

Hole in roof reveals hole in insurance coverage

10:43 PM, Sep 12, 2013

Florida is number two when it comes to mortgage foreclosures, mortgage fraud probably ranks as high. 

New homebuyer: 'There's mold everywhere'

6:18 PM, Apr 2, 2013

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Black mold, rats and exposed eaves are just a few of the problems plaguing a Middleburg family's mobile home.

Unhappy customer wants window refund

8:00 PM, Apr 1, 2013

Jack Kearns says he wants a refund for thousands of dollars in Pella Windows he says were installed incorrectly. The On Your Side team gets answers.

Residents fed up with ugly foreclosed property

5:49 PM, Apr 1, 2013

Mary Veasey lives in the Argyle area and describes the foreclosures in her neighborhood as a problem that is more than just overgrown grass and tall weeds. 

New mortgage program offers lower payments

8:30 PM, Mar 27, 2013

The federal government on Wednesday announced a new loan modification program designed to help many more struggling homeowners than previous initiatives by requiring no documentation of income or financial hardship.

Homeowners show up for free mortgage help

1:39 PM, Mar 24, 2013

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Homeowners all across Florida are struggling to keep their homes out of foreclosure and this has many seriously questioning whether or not they'll be able to keep their home.

Need tax relief?

6:31 PM, Mar 6, 2013

If you're looking for ways to save on taxes here are some ways you can do that.

What realtors can't tell you

6:52 PM, Feb 26, 2013

Due to fair housing law, there are some things a realtor won't tell you.

Save at least $100 on home heating & cooling

4:31 PM, Feb 11, 2013

As the weather gets warmer, the On Your Side team wants to help you save money on heating and cooling your home.

Shopping for a home? Your down payment could net extra fees

5:42 PM, Feb 5, 2013

If you're in the market for a home, the size of your down payment could result in extra fees.

Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi: Foreclosure help is still available

4:09 PM, Feb 4, 2013

If you are need foreclosure help, you still have time and money available.

Florida has money for first-time home buyers, homeowners

3:24 PM, Jan 25, 2013

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi announced that money is available to first-time home buyers for help with down payments.

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