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Rick Mullaney Wants to be Jacksonville's Next Mayor

7:03 PM, Feb 28, 2011   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Rick Mullaney said he believes he has the right work ethic to be the next mayor of Jacksonville.

"Some people are tall, I am not. Some people are fast, I am not. The good lord gives us all different things and honestly, I am blessed with a good work ethic," said Mullaney.

His work ethic helped him pay for his undergraduate and law school education at the University of Florida, he said. "I will bring that same work ethic to the mayor's office."

Mullaney was a prosecutor in the State Attorney's Office and made the transition to city hall with his former boss, Ed Austin.

He was later chief of staff to Mayor John Delaney, who was also in the state attorney's office, and then became the city's General Counsel under Mayor John Peyton.

"I believe the combination of chief of staff and general counsel in particular is a unique and powerful preparation to serve as the CEO to this consolidated government," said Mullaney.

He cornerstone of his 34-step plan is to shrink government, Mullaney said. "We're going to cut spending, we're going to restructure the 1.7B operating budget and we're not going to raise taxes," he said. 

Mullaney said that means pension reform, salary cuts and getting city workers to pay more of their health care costs. He said he is not at odds with the city unions, but he did not seek their endorsements.

"I believe you can't fix city finances if you are beholden to the unions," he said.

Mullaney, a graduate of Forrest High, feels that one way to grow jobs is to attract a Medical College.

"Healthcare is a higher wage per capita, we have unique assets here and the synergy of a medical school would help us grow jobs," he said.

The husband and father of three describes himself as a political conservative and said the elections are a turning point for city government. He said he is the one who can turn city government in the right direction.

"The public understands we need to get this right," said Mullaney.

And he continues to push himself as the right candidate in more ways than one.


















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